VietNam WholeSale PaperStraws

Plastic straws are not only harmful for our health, but also affect badly to the environment around us. In fact many countries are in their ways to completely ban plastic straw.

That’s why people is seeking for a better alternative way to enjoy their drink instead of using plastic straws. We manufacture paper straws with a purpose not only doing business but also to change people’s habit in a way that can minimize negative interaction on our enviroment as well as for our generation.

Paper straws can be varied by colors and sizes.


With color we have may fancy striped colors  such as red, orange, blue,…  


And size can be changed from 12 cm to 25 cm depends on customer’s requirement.

We, BioGreen, are the only paper straw manufacturer in Vietnam. We export our paperstraws to singapore, Japannese, Korea, EU, America,…. We can be the paper straw supplier for you. Thanks to our modern equipment that can produce millions of straws each month. We are now the best paper straw supplier in Vietnam, and now we are seeking for partners for export to foreign countries. For consultation and quotation: Call +84 964466345 Or email to