More than 13.000 to 15.000 pieces of plastic is released in the ocean every day. At least two-thirds of the fish in the world have eaten these plastic. 6,4 million tons of trash is released in the ocean which equal to 3.200 kilometers of the garbage truck. More than 100 million of marine creatures in the ocean are killed by the rubbish every year. Now, there are more than 200 areas declared as “dead zones” where no living creatures can live. With these numbers will make every single person of us to think back again…
It can be said that environment pollution is a serious and alarming problem. Especially in recent time when the consequences caused by human have effected to the nature and environment are getting more even worse which including increasing population, economic development, modernization industry, war and so on. Because of that, if people’s consciousness doesn’t change, we will destroy our planet sooner or later.
That’s also the reason why Biogreen Co. ,Ltd. is born with the mission and vision of changing the habits of everyone from using plastic straws into paper straws to protect user health and further more is reducing the bad influence on the environment.
The product that we provide is branded FEST of SCG Group, one of the largest corporation in Thailand. Therefore, FEST’s products are 100% naturally biodegradable and do not cause badly to human health. Beside that we also produce and distribute paperstraws of BIOGREEN which made from 100% environmentally friendly kraft paper.
We have the mission to distribute the product line that friendly with the environment.
The environment can change or not is up to your decision!


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