13,000 to 15,000 pieces of plastic is dumped into the ocean every day. At least two-third of fish in the world has digested them. 6.4 million ton of waste is dumped into the ocean every year. Over 100 million ocean species dies every year because of waste in the ocean. Currently, there are over 200 areas being declared “dead zones”, where there is no living organisms. Those numbers above might make each and every one of us to think about it.


It can be said that environmental pollution is a pressing and alarming issue recently. Human race has left rising serious impacts on the environment from population growth, economic development, industrial modernisation, war,… Therefore, if human’s consciousness does not change, we are going to destroy ourselves on this planet.


BIOGREEN CO. LTD. is established with mission and vision to change everyone’s habits towards moving from plastic products to paper-based products which has positive impact on our health and significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our products are from FEST of SCG Group, one of the largest group in Thailand. Products of FEST are designed and manufactured in closed-process with natural materials from eucalyptus. Therefore, these products can decompose 100% in nature without causing any harmful effect to our health. In addition, we also manufacture and distribute BIOGREEN paper straw from 100% kraft paper which is environmental friendly.


We have a mission to distribute products that are friendly to the environment and whether the environment changes, it is your decision to make that changes.