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VietNam WholeSale PaperStraws

9 December, 2018

Plastic straws are not only harmful for our health, but also affect badly to the environment around us. In fact many countries are in their ways to completely ban plastic straw. That’s why people is seeking for a better alternative...

Here’s why people are ditching their plastic straws

16 November, 2018

Do you always reach for a straw when you purchase a drink? The plastic utensils may soon be harder to find, because cities across the United States are banning them.   Seattle recently announced that businesses that sell food or...


16 November, 2018

The announcement from Starbucks that the coffee chain will phase out plastic drinking straws in all locations by 2020 expands the roster of places worldwide that have banned the once-ubiquitous disposable item. This is probably good for the environment (though certainly no panacea to...